Banana Yeti Font Family $339
Banana Yeti Font Family $339 | 5 x TTF | Turkish Support
Banana Yeti is a brush script typeface with a condensed vertical slant, inspired by a handmade sample drawn by the calligrapher Ross Frederic George and depicted in Speedball 1947 Textbook Manual. Banana Yeti has a vintage brush script look, perfect for food packaging, display and logo design and period advertising. The original design has been completely reworked and extended by the Zetafonts Masterclass 2016 Team to provide three lighter weights, and a monoline variant, as well as to produce an extended character set with open type support for ligatures, alternates, European languages and ending swashes. Banana Yeti covers over 40 languages that use the Latin alphabet, with a full range of accents and diacritics. It comes in four weights plus a special monoline weight. Banana Yeti makes full use of Open Type ligatures to provide swashes, arching letters and a wide array of ligature characters for a more handmade, natural look. Swashes can be accessed through glyph palette or by typing one to six underscores after the letter. Typing an underscore before a phrase creates arching text; close arch with another underscore. Variant ampersands can be accessed through glyph palette or by typing multiple ampersand characters
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CM - 17 Fonts Bundle + Extras 802996
28 TTF 12 OTF Ai EPS PSD | 187 MB RAR
Enigma Typewriter Sans Font | Arnabelle Script Font  | Dystopia Font | Picnic Font
Quantum Typeface | Halftone Sans | Capital Dry Brush Font | Wanda Script
Agave Font Trio | Playbook Type Family | Novus Sans | Melancolie Font + Extras
Eva Font | La Provence Font | Winchester Font | Toscana Font | Grocery Rounded Font

CM - Typographer's Font Bundle 804122
11 OTF 11 TTF 11 WOFF | 2.92 MB RAR
With just a little help, an ordinary project can be transformed into something extraordinary! This Mega Design Bundle features 5 unique fonts! From display to script fonts, you'll have plenty of themes to work with, no matter what your latest project. That's 5 fantastic fonts for 1 incredibly low price. You'll get a nice variety of styles, as well as various OpenType features to really mix things up nicely. Made up from more than 5 unique sets, you'll get a wide variety of fonts including: Paramount, Signature, Blizzard, Insomnia and Pathfinder. You can use as many of these items as often as you'd like on personal and professional projects without the need for any attribution. These fonts are a great resource for creating greeting cards, invitations, stationery, logos, banners, business cards and loads more!

Before the Rain Arabic Font

OTF, TTF | 1 Font | + JPG Preview

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CM 788011 - Illustrator Arrow-Shaped Art Brushes

CM 788011 - Illustrator Arrow-Shaped Art Brushes

Set of 39 Hand Drawn Arrow Shaped Art Brushes for Adobe Illustrator. With these brushes you can easily create flexible hand-drawn arrow elements. Simply draw a path of any shape or size and apply one of the brushes to get instant results that you can edit with ease (reshape and resize, change colors). AVAILABLE FORMATS:

• Art Brushes for Illustrator (AI Brush Library).

• 39 Arrow-Shaped Elements Vector EPS

• 39 Arrow-Shaped Elements Vector AI

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TT Corals Font Family $140
TT Corals Font Family $140 | 12 x TTF | Turkish Support
TT Corals is a modern humanistic sans-serif which has many typical traits of the beginning of the 20th century. For an increased functionality of the fontfamily we've created 6 typefaces of various weights: Thin, Light, Regular, Bold, Extrabold, Black.The distinctive smoothness of the lines and separate elements allows using TT Corals for different design areas. For instance, it will perfectly fit for the topics of classical literature or music, and any other diverse creative areas of humans' activities. TT Corals inspires with its freshness and novelty and gives new ideas for your creativity and art.
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Calder Font Family $85
Calder Font Family $85 | 10 x TTF | Turkish Support
Calder is a display typeface collection. It incorporates 10 styles and offers two distinctive voices: a playful semi-connected script and a selection of subtle yet authentic sans serifs. Designed to complement each other, they offer a unique and engaging visual tool.Calder Script, Calder LC and Calder LC Grit, are available in both Upper and Lower case, whilst the rest of the collection is available uniquely in Upper case.Inspired by the pursuit of the outdoors, Calder began as a personal experience and endeavor to express and share the spirit of adventure connected with this renewed, growing movement.
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Double Font Family

Double is an exploration in extremes. The family evolves in a linear way but on two axis at the same time. The heavier it gets, the wider it gets. Therefore, the styles in this display typeface define the way they want to be used. If you want to make sure your text always overflows, use the X-Large. If you want to make sure your text always feels like too few words, use the X-Small.

OTF | 5 Fonts | + JPG Preview

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Mr Dum Dum Font Family

Mr Dum Dum was designed for our game – Ba Ba Dum. In Ba Ba Dum players can learn words in different languages, so we needed a typeface that can support not only all latin characters but also Cyrillic, Greek and two Japanese syllabaries – Hiragana and Katakana. Eventually we wanted to add Chinese support so we designed 1314 Simplified Chinese characters – just enough to cover all words available in Ba Ba Dum plus necessary logograms to translate the games UI.

OTF | 2 Fonts | + JPG Preview

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CM - Gearwright Bundle 800845
This is it. You've been eyeing on our gears for a while now. You want them all but was waiting for something - a perfect timing just like now.

Brushstrike Font Family $129
Brushstrike Font Family $129 | 2 x TTF | Turkish Support
The Brush Strike Family is an exercise in dynamic, gestural brush type design by Francesco Canovaro. The typeface contains no lowercase set, but it doubles the uppercase with a strikethrough alternate set to be used for dynamic logo design and unusual word highlighting. Two weights are avalaible with consistent design: the light weight (Brushstrike Light aka Lightstrike) can work togheter with the heavier regular weight but can also be used in white on dark background for light effects.
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Melay Script Font $59
Melay Script Font $59 | 1 x TTF | Turkish Support
Melay Script is a monolined calligraphic typeface, with large and beautiful upper-case letters and a decorative style. It has elegance and confidence.
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Adlibitum Font Family $199
Adlibitum Font Family $199 | 3 x TTF | Turkish Support
Adlibitum is a display typeface designed as a contemporary restyling of old textura medioeval script characters. It features a strong vertical accent and a geometric design, with 45 degrees angles and soft round corners. 
It comes in three weights and features an extended character set with support for European languages, and open type support for ligatures.
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CM - Vindemia Sans Serif Font 798699

Vindemia is everything you could want in a simple condensed font. Taking inspiration from classic packaging, and the vibes of the outdoors, Vindemia is a great addition to your font collection. From laying typography over a beautiful photo, to creating that classic packaging you have always wanted to, Vindemia works with all of your needs. Classic Typography is a look that will never die, and Vindemia fits perfectly into that category.

CM - Kosmos - modern brush script 798315

This font ideal for wedding cards, event, invitation, escort card, menus, display, logos, bunners, sale tags, custom address, stamps, packaging, greeting card, and more else.

CM - Ornaments and Decorative Elements 3 797049

I'm very happy to introduce Volume 3 in the Ornaments and Decorative Elements series! These vintage elements work really well with a modern twist and can be used for a variety of elegant shape combinations to create ornamental accents, dividers, badges, frames, borders and more. The delicate curves and flourishes work well for invitations, business cards, print & web layouts, but really the sky is the limit. The vector format allows for quick color and size changes.

CM - Exclusive wood veneer textures pack 791013

JPG | 989 MB RAR
ack of 117 hi-res exclusive wood textures. Great for backrounds, mockups, special effects etc.
This pack contains luxury and exotic woods like eucalyptus, meranti, olive, gabon, bamboo, eben makassar, limba frame, bubinga, padouk…

CM 800498 - Mabotim Brush

CM 800498 - Mabotim Brush

Mabotim Brush Font painted, Fun, modern, multi-purpose and operated bold letters combine letters brushing operates with a natural style. Suitable for review, packaging, titles, posters, t-shirts, logos, quotes, invitation, apparel, wedding, advertising, image overlays, greeting cards and web banners, etc. Get substitute alternate glyphs and characters beginning and end of interest to the composition of your design. Letters replacement can be accessed using a program like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign OpenType Smart. Adobe Photoshop Corel draw X version, and Microsoft Word.

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CM - The Mountainbiker - Designer Logo Kit 792558
44 PNG 39 Ai 11 EPS 4 PSD | 461 MB RAR
Say hello to an unique aid kit to extraordinary mountain bike related logos!
You know how time consuming is to create detailed elements for stuning logos and posters. So, I've invested hours of work so you can do a great logo in minutes.
I've also made a video tutorial to help you gain more time in searching over the internet how to get things done.
There are almost infinite combinations you can conjure, but more importantly, by using the elements from this kit you can create consistent look and feel for your logo, blog graphics, stationery, labels, badges, stamps, info-products, coloring sheets, and much more – everything you might need to create!
Everything that is included is easy to modify, edit, re-size without the loss of quality or resolution. 100% vectors available in AI and EPS formats, all 100% editable. Fully editable text. Font links are included in the download.

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