SS Balcony
Silverleif Studios proudly presents a new and improved balcony for your characters, with a plethora of material zones for unlimited customization. The outer doors open and close with a simple twist of the dial, some of the props can be used in other scenes! This balcony is functional, and affordable, so what are ya waiting for?
Spirit Remedy for Summer Siesta
When an absolute rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit are neccessary there's no better place to relax, unwind and renew than Spirit Remedy for Summer Siesta!
Season of the Cherry Tree
From beautiful blossoms to mouthwatering fruit and summer leaves, this texture add-on for the Poseable Bonsai Tree provides heaps of options.
A Quiet Street
A detailed city street facade with aged realistic textures - perfect for your gritty urban scenes.
Halfling Village Lighthouse 1.0 (H1V201-3DS)
Spaceship Segments Vol4
Poser 5, Poser 6, Poser 7 and DAZ Studio
Spaceship Segments Vol3
Spaceship Segments Vol2
Spaceship Segment Vol1
The Vault - Modular Room
Fantasy Village Set 1
Olympus Mons Hangar
The Olympus Mons Hangar is another addition to the Olympus Mons range, designed to compliment and integrate with the existing products. It can also be used as a stand-alone prop.
S.F.C.S. II Texture Packs
If you own the new S.F.C.S. II 'Living Quarters' package, you'll want to enhance your texture options with these 2 new texture schemes, white and worn metal. Material pose files are provide to change the S.F.C.S. II standard metal textures quickly and easily to the new textures. In addition, new figure cr2 files are provided with the textures already applied.
THE VAULT - Construction Kit
The Fortress
The Fortress: Hidden in the desolate wasteland, this environment prop is perfect for those gritty & grungy renders & animations. Large rusted walls, stained with graffiti & time, protect the inner sanctum of the Fortress, while the large & looming towers keep a constant watch. Supplied as a 'parented' group & as separate pieces.
Urban Future
Urban future sits high above a future city,a richly detailed Sci-Fi environment unlike any before. Includes Bonus DAZ|Studio Material Presets.
BRC - The Cloister
The set features authentic vaulted ceilings and intricate stone archways that lead out into a small courtyard. In this area is a small wishing well surrounded by a pair of stone benches.

This comes complete as a preloaded set, as well as additional presets for easy modification and expansion.
The Graveyard
Let all your ghoulish nightmares come true with this set of quality graveyard accesories,walk through the 'Gothic entrance' and past the 'Morphing gates',visit the 'Crypt' with its stone coffin, wander amongst the 'Gravestones' or grab the 'shovel' & dig a hole with the 'Morphing grave'
Grimstone: Construction Kit Expansion
Millennium Environment
This new environment has four moveable background layers that let you simulate distance, time, and atmospherics like no other scenery around! Add trees and plants and move them into position as you like. Dial morphs in the ground plane for a lazy river, or exotic island when combined with the included water plane. Translate a layer to animate clouds across your background, or have rain cascade through your scenery. Add in the corresponding back set of walls and bring your figures to life in a full 360 degree environment. Top it off with a simple skydome and you've got a perfectly self-contained virtual world where the only limit is your imagination.
Sector 15
Taking Sci-Fi to a new level!

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