TubeDigger 4.7.2

TubeDigger 4.7.2 | 11 MB

TubeDigger downloads online video and audio that can be played publicly in web browser. For geo-blocked sites use Virtual Private Network (VPN) services or SOCKS proxies to obtain IP address of the corresponding country.

TotalFinder 1.5.22 Mac OS X

TotalFinder 1.5.22 Mac OS X | 7.5MB

TotalFinder adds tabs, hotkeys, and other tweaks to the Mac OS X Finder. TotalFinder tries to provide a better for programmers and Mac power users. TotalFinder is also implemented as a SIMBL plugin which extends functionality. TotalFinder works in Snow Leopard only. The reason is clear: has been rewritten into Cocoa in Snow Leopard which finally made this hacking possible.

CleanMyPhone 1.0.2 Mac OS X

CleanMyPhone 1.0.2 Mac OS X | 7.5MB

CleanMyPhone is an ingeniously simple and powerful application that will help you keep your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch clean and running smoothly. It includes useful tools such as Disk Manager, App Cleaner, Removal of Document and Data, Find Large Files, One-Click-Copy, and more.

Hands Off! 2.1.2 (Mac OS X)

Hands Off! 2.1.2 (Mac OS X) | 5MB

Hands Off! is an application to monitor and control the access of applications to your network and disks. Being able to monitor the normally unnoticeable activities enables you to make informed decisions regarding the transfer of your private information, hence avoiding confidential information leakage.

Lingon X 1.2.1 (Mac OS X)

Lingon X 1.2.1 (Mac OS X) | 3.5MB

Lingon X is based on the great Lingon 3 and eXtends it with new features like running jobs as root and at multiple dates. It is now even easier to use yet much more powerful.

Metadatics 1.4.3 (Mac OS X)

Metadatics 1.4.3 (Mac OS X) | 8MB

Metadatics is a powerful and advanced audio metadata editor. It supports batch editing of most common audio file types including MP3, M4A, AIFF, WAV, FLAC, APE, OGG, WMA, and more. Lookup metadata from online sources, rename files based on metadata, or manipulate metadata using one of the many built in functions. Metadatics provides all you need to edit metadata with ease and flexibility.

Startupizer 2.3.1 (Mac OS X)

Startupizer 2.3.1 (Mac OS X) | 5MB

Startupizer 2 is advanced, yet simple to use login items handler. It enhances built in login items functionality from your account settings in Mac OS X System Preferences.

Overflow 2.5.9 (Mac OS X)

Overflow 2.5.9 (Mac OS X) | 3MB

Overflow is an application designed to quickly launch applications, open documents, or access folders while reducing the number of items needed in your Dock. Anything you want can be added to the Overflow interface, making it accessible through a few simple mouse clicks or keystrokes. The interface is resizable, and fully customizable. Create separate categories for your applications, work files, games, or anything else you want to be able to access quickly. After using Overflow, we think you'll find it just as indispensable as we do.

Autopano Giga 3.5 beta 3 (Mac OS X)

Autopano Giga 3.5 beta 3 (Mac OS X) | 75MB

Autopano Giga allows you to stitch 2, 20, or 2,000 images.

Uconomix uMark Pro 4.0 Mac OS X

Uconomix uMark Pro 4.0 Mac OS X | 5MB

uMark is a useful program that enables you to add a text or image watermark to your digital photos. You have the possibility to customize the placement of your watermark or to set a custom font, size and color, as well as opacity level. uMark is an utility for marking the images and photos with a copyright notice or your company logo or both.

MeshFusion for Modo 701 SP4 (Windows/MacOSX)

MeshFusion for Modo 701 SP4 (Windows/MacOSX) | 14MB

MeshFusion for MODO has been developed by Braid Art Labs based upon the previous GroBoto technology. This revolutionary new modeling plugin is available exclusively for MODO 701 SP4 and opens up a new world of creative possibilities for artists and designers.

EasiestSoft Movie Editor

EasiestSoft Movie Editor | 15 Mb

EasiestSoft Movie Editor is abest movie editor to make movies in  just a snap! Withit, users can create, edit video clips, add music;  attach transitions to their movies just like a pro. Turn virtually all  videos including camcorder videos and HD videos into movies. With this  handy movie editor, share your masterpieces on-the-go on digital  devices.

WonderFox Video Watermark 3.2

WonderFox Video Watermark 3.2 | 17 MB

WonderFox Video Watermark focus on protecting and watermarking your  video file. Did you worried your video will be unauthorized using and  sharing, When people watching your video, do you want to let viewers  know the video's source? You may need to add identity and ownership  information to your video, ensure that viewers know the source.

Veronisoft IP Net Checker (x86/x64)

Veronisoft IP Net Checker (x86/x64) | 3.1 MB

IP Net Checker is a network monitoring software that allows you to verify the network connectivity of IP hosts on the Internet and LAN. The program periodically pings, checks TCP ports or HTTP on user specified computers (workstations, servers) or other network devices (routers). It is able to check IP and show notifications when the states of some computers change. You can also view and access shared folders, open web and ftp, ping, trace rout and sending messages. IP Net Checker can generate status log files.

Avira System Speedup Multilingual

Avira System Speedup Multilingual | 29 MB

Unleash the power you didn't know your PC had. Has your computer slowed down over time? Give it maintenance, not patience! Your PC's best days are still yet to come. Clean it up. Tune it up. Free your PC to perform at its best! Throughout its life, your PC accumulates programs, logs, junk files, cookies and other scraps that stick around long after they are needed. All they really do is weigh down your memory and processor.

Airmail 1.3.2 Mac OS X

Airmil 1.3.2 | Mac OS X | 34.1 Mb


Airmail is a powerful, minimal mail client.


It was designed to retain the same experience with a single or multiple accounts and provide a quick, modern and easy-to-use user experience. Airmail supports all major email services and allows users to switch between accounts quick reply to incoming messages within seconds.

WinCatalog 2014 6.0 Multilingual

WinCatalog 2014 6.0 Multilingual | 12 MB

WinCatalog 2014 indexes discs, files and folders for finding files and data without having to reach for the original CD or DVD. Stop wasting time looking for a tune or movie stored on a hundred’s disc from your growing collection! Simply process your CDs and DVDs with WinCatalog once, and you'll be able to find any file from the collection in a matter of seconds!

Atomic Alarm Clock 6.262 Multilingual (x86/x64)

Atomic Alarm Clock 6.262 Multilingual (x86/x64) | 7.5/7.3 MB

Alert yourself about important events with different alarms and replace your computer tray clock using different skins. Computer Alarm Clock that will play any MP3 file. It can also run a program, log off, reboot, shut down, or turn off. Atomic Alarm Clock is also an atomic-time synchronizer and advanced replacement for Windows tray clock. Over 130 skins are included in the distribution. It is supported by Longhorn clock style. This program includes multilingual interface support! This computer alarm clock is built into your personal PC and completely customizable.

Watermark Software Video to Picture Converter 4.0

Watermark Software Video to Picture Converter 4.0 | 5.9 MB

Video to Picture Converter is capable of converting almost all  frequently used video files including AVI, MPEG, WMV, DVD (VOB), DVR-MS  RM and RMVB to a wide range of image formats, like JPG, BMP, GIF, TGA,  TIF, PCX, PNG and ICO. With this versatile video to picture software,  users could also effortlessly export the captured frames as animated GIF  image to get lively picture view. Besides, it is also a simple tool for  you to play videos with all popular video formats.

IObit Malware Fighter PRO Multilingual

IObit Malware Fighter PRO Multilingual | 27 MB

IObit Malware Fighter is an advanced malware & spyware removal utility that detects, removes the deepest infections, and protects your PC from various of potential spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, bots, worms, and hijackers. With the improved, unique "Dual-Core" engine and the heuristic malware detection, IObit Malware Fighter detects the most complex and deepest spyware and malware in a very fast and efficient way.

StationRipper 2.98.6

StationRipper 2.98.6 | 3.1 MB

StationRipper will allow you to easily record Shoutcast Internet radio and TV stations. Users on broadband connections regularly report 3,000-6,000 new songs can be downloaded every 24 hours with the registered version.

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