DM1 The Drum Machine 2.1 (Mac OS X)
 DM1 The Drum Machine 2.1 (Mac OS X) | 62 MB


DM1 is an advanced Drum Machine. It turns your computer into a fun and creative beat making machine. Easy and fast to use, loaded with 99 superb electronic drum kits and beautiful hyper-realistic graphics, DM1 has been designed for a lot of instant fun.? With Midi In & out, DM1 is ready to fit your digital audio workstation.

Blue Cat Audio Plug'n Script v2.0 MAC OSX-Kleen
Blue Cat Audio Plug'n Script v2.0 MAC OSX-Kleen
Kleen | 27 Nov 2015 | 23MB

Blue Cat's Plug'n Script is a scripting plug-in that can be programmed to quickly build custom audio and MIDI effects or virtual instruments, without quitting your favorite DAW software.

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Commander One PRO 1.0 Multilangual (Mac OS X)
Commander One PRO 1.2 Multilingual (Mac OS X) | 14 MB


Commander One is a refined solution for easy management of big loads of files and folders on your Mac. For all those who’ve been missing a famous dual-panel file manager for Mac, we tried to keep the best of what the classic solution offered, and did it with all the affection to OS X users. Totally new Commander One for Mac is 100% naturally written in Swift and will bring back long forgotten feeling of fast & convenient keyboard and mouse Finder alternative.

PDF & Image Text Extractor 1.01 (Mac OS X)
PDF & Image Text Extractor 1.01 (Mac OS X) | 110 MB

Extract Text from PDFs and Images with OCR. PDF & Image Text Extractor is one kind of software that can help you to save all the PDF files, scanned PDF documents, digital images as .txt files, with this software you won’t have any annoyance for retyping the content of the PDF files or Images manually, moreover, we can recognize text from image exactly and extract content efficiently. That is our advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology.

CleanMyMac 3.2.1 Final (Mac OS X) | 37 MB

CleanMyMac makes space for the things you love. Sporting a range of ingenious new features, CleanMyMac lets you safely and intelligently scan and clean your entire system, delete large, unused files, reduce the size of your iPhoto library, uninstall unneeded apps or fix the ones that started to work improperly, manage all your extensions from one place and do much more - all from one newly designed and beautifully simple interface.

iFFmpeg v5.8 (Mac OS X)
iFFmpeg v5.8 (Mac OS X) | 24 MB


iFFmpeg is a graphical front-end for FFmpeg, a command-line tool used to convert multimedia files between formats. The command line instructions can be very hard to master/understand, so iFFmpeg does all the hard work for you. This allows you to use FFmpeg without detailed command-line knowledge.

Window Tidy 2.1.2 (Mac OS X)

 Window Tidy 2.1.2 (Mac OS X) | 15 MB

Window Tidy lets you quickly and easily arrange your application windows on your Desktop onto a customizable grid using nothing but drag and drop! When you want to reposition a window, there are no hot-keys to remember or menus to click, you simply drag and drop the window onto customisable pop-up Layout Icon and it will instantly snap to that layout. It also works seamlessly over multiple monitors too!

Balsamiq Mockups For Desktop 3.0.1
Balsamiq Mockups 3.2.4 (Mac OS X) | 29 MB

Using Mockups feels like drawing, but because it’s digital, you can tweak and rearrange easily. Teams can come up with a design and iterate over it in real-time in the course of a meeting. Product managers, designers, developers, and even clients can now work together in the same tool to quickly iterate over wireframes, before writing code.

NXPowerLite Desktop 6.0.9 (Mac OS X)
NXPowerLite Desktop 6.0.9 (Mac OS X) | 36 MB


NXPowerLite Desktop allows you to easily lower the size of your larger JPEG and PDF files, as well as Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. Optimized files keep the same format while their size is significantly reduced, making them easier to manage and send via e-mail.

Kodak Preps 7.1.5 build 118 Multilangual | MacOSX | 268 MB
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PDF Protector 1.2.1 Multilingual (Mac OS X) | 7 MB


PDF Protector is an easy to use utility to encrypt or decrypt your PDF documents.

Marvelous Designer 5 Personal 2.3.52 Multilingual (Mac OS X)
Marvelous Designer 5 Personal 2.3.110 Multilingual (Mac OS X) | 309 MB

Marvelous Designer allows you to create beautiful 3D virtual clothing with our cutting-edge design software. Finally breathe life into your designs with tools that enhance quality while saving you time. From basic shirts to intricately pleated dresses and rugged uniforms, Marvelous Designer can virtually replicate fabric textures and physical properties to the last button, fold, and accessory.

Piccure+ Multilangual Mac OS X
Piccure+ Multilangual | MacOSX | 123 MB
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Bitdefender Virus Scanner Plus 3.6 (Mac OS X)
Bitdefender Virus Scanner Plus 3.6 (Mac OS X) | 141 MB


Scan running apps, scan critical locations or scan the entire system whenever you choose or activate Continuous Scan to keep Virus Scanner Plus running all the time. If you download an infected file or get one in the mail your Mac will be protected and your friends' computers safe.

PhoneClean Pro 4.0.0 (20151126) (Mac OS X)
PhoneClean Pro 4.0.0 (20151126) (Mac OS X) | 9 MB

PhoneClean is uniquely designed to reclaim more free space on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and make all iOS devices running faster. Working on both PC and Mac, this free-yet-magic tool will safely remove all kinds of useless files on iOS system in order to clean up and speed up your iDevices

Disk Drill Entreprise 2.4.435 (Mac OS X) | 34 MB

Disk Drill is an invaluable do-it-yourself data recovery OS X tool. No other data recovery software for Mac is as easy to use. Whatever the cause of your data loss - accidental deletion, Disk Utility error, data corruption - we can help you get it back.

SimpleMind 1.11.0 (Mac OS X)
 SimpleMind 1.11.0 (Mac OS X) | 9 MB


SimpleMind is an easy-to-use Mind Mapping tool that turns your Mac into a brainstorming, idea collection and thought structuring device. It connects to the similar SimpleMind for iPhone/iPad app.

Corel Painter 2016 (Mac)

Corel Painter 2016 Mac | 395.86 MB
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WinX HD Video Converter for Mac 5.5.4 Multilingual MacOSX
WinX HD Video Converter 5.9 Multilingual (Mac OS X) | 39 MB

WinX HD Video Converter for Mac is fully featured Mac HD video converting software, providing Mac user hassle-free HD video conversion solutions. It converts Blu-ray videos, HDTV/HD-camcorders videos, 4K UHD videos, 1080p multi-track HD videos M2TS, MKV, AVCHD, HDTV, BDAV, MPEG-TS, standard AVI, MPEG, TS, FLV, WMV, OGM, MOV and QT videos.

MacFamilyTree 7.7.6 Multilingual MacOSX
MacFamilyTree v7.6.2 Multilingual (Mac OS X) | 251 MB

Discover your family history! Learn where you hail from, who your ancestors were and find out intriguing facts about your family. MacFamilyTree 7 helps you explore and visualize your family history in many ways - whether you want to display family relationships in reports, charts or our innovative 3D Virtual Tree, MacFamilyTree 7 is the right solution for you.

iBackupBot 5.3.5 (Mac OS X)
iBackupBot 5.3.5 (Mac OS X) | 14 MB


iBackupBot gives you the ability to browse, view, export, and modify iTunes backup files. With its built-in plist editor, hex editor, text editor, database viewer, image viewer, SMS message viewer, notes viewer, address book viewer, and media browser, you can view and edit any file that iTunes backed up from iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch to your computer.

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